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Public Art After Dark

As a kid, I was fascinated by things that glowed – twinkly holiday lights, my Lite-Brite screen with its boldly colored pegs, the moon. Fast-forward to today and not much has changed. I’m still enchanted by beautiful things that light up the night. If you are too, don’t miss these Scottsdale Public Art installations that are magnificent any time of day, but take on an extra-special glow after dark.


One-Eyed Jack

One-eye Jack

Photo by John Randall Nelson

Standing 26 feet high, One-Eyed Jack is a painted steel jackrabbit sculpture by artist John Randall Nelson. The 20,000-pound sculpture stands on the corner of Marshall Way and Indian School Road, welcoming residents and visitors to the art galleries, shops, and restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale’s Arts District. Like Lewis Carroll’s fictional white rabbit, the sculpture beckons us to make the leap into Old Town Scottsdale.


Tributary Wall

public art after dark - body

Photo by Brian Passey

The gently undulating structure on the west side of Goldwater Boulevard, just north of the Arizona Canal, is more than a simple sound-abatement wall. Tributary Wall by artist Kevin Berry features several steel fish, ranging in size from nine to 18 feet long. At night, red and yellow lights make the fish glow with luminous color. Park across the street in the public garage and take a nighttime stroll along the sidewalk to see the fish up close.


Water Mark

Public Art After Dark

Water Mark, by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, graces the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt (Scottsdale’s innovative flood control channel). During times of flash flooding, water pours from the mouths of these 14-foot-high aluminum equine gargoyles. At night, the sculptures are subtly lit with blue lights on the east side and yellow lights on the west side, representing water and the sun. Find these magnificent sculptures on the north side of Indian Bend Road east of Scottsdale Road.




Located in the center of the first arterial and first multi-lane roundabout in Scottsdale near the Scottsdale Airpark, Aspire reflects the human aspiration for flight. The human-like figures can be seen in two ways: as one man in varied stop-motion poses lifting off into flight, or as three men standing upon each other’s shoulders with the top one soaring. The intent of this “flying dream” concept is to uplift and inspire the spirit.




Photo by Andrew Pielage

Jeff Zischke’s 24-foot-tall Impulsion at WestWorld of Scottsdale is captivating in any light. But to truly appreciate this equestrian sculpture, formed from stainless-steel tubing, you must see it at night. That’s when LEDs mounted at the base of the elegant horse begin to shine and reflect off the stainless-steel structure, encapsulating the entire sculpture in a pinkish-purple glow.


Canal Convergence

Canal Convergence Flario 2023

Photo by Scottsdale Arts; "FLARIO" by Walther Productions

Every November public artworks sparkle at night along the Scottsdale Waterfront during Canal Convergence. Several large-scale, light-based installations are featured, many of which are interactive and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in art. This multi-evening event also features family-friendly activities, live entertainment and creative workshops.