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Spa Treatments Just for Men

Guys deserve some pampering too, don’t we? Scottsdale spas know that and have created customized treatments specifically for dudes. “Men are becoming more savvy to what benefits they can achieve through adding spa as part of a healthy lifestyle versus treating it as a luxury,” says Christy Waldron, manager at The Spa at Camelback Inn. “We offer more than beauty treatments; it’s stress release, pain relief and a mental break from real life.” Consider a spa day as part of your next guys trip.


Well & Being Spa Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

When your dogs start barking, don’t take them for a walk. Spoil them rotten instead. That’s where the Men’s Fitness Pedicure comes in handy. Sit in a massage chair, soak your soles in a mini-whirlpool tub, and get your toenails trimmed to perfection. A sugar scrub then helps with exfoliation, followed by a massage with magnesium lotion. Both help enhance your tender epidermis. The treatment ends with some buffing and polishing to smooth out your nails. "Taking care of your overall health and well being has tremendous benefits for the male spa goer," says Trish Hayes, director of Well & Being Spa. "More than just needed relaxation, a visit to the spa provides pain relief and reduces mental and physical stress."


We Do Men: The Man Spa

A sunburn (which can happen very quickly in the Arizona sun) equals trauma for the skin. Stacey Grondahl, a.k.a. the “Boss Lady,” can efficiently sooth that sting in less than an hour. During the “Premature Browtender” treatment, she’ll neutralize the inflammation, massage in a whole slew of growth factors, and top it off with a layer of sunscreen that heals the skin while you’re sleeping. After all that comes a complimentary grooming of the eyebrows, nose and ears. Even cooler are the LED light treatments that use blue, red and infrared light to heal all kinds of things from acne to body aches and pains in just one hour. “When it comes to skin, I don’t tell you what you want to hear, I tell you what you need to hear,” says Grondahl.


The Phoenician Spa

When your stomach growls, you eat. But what do you do when your skin needs nourishment? Head for the 50-minute Gentleman’s Personal Remedy at The Phoenician Spa. As the spa menu describes, this treatment uses “the highest quality, biodynamic and naturally occurring ‘skin food’ to help you look and feel your best" and features products created specifically for men. And since every face is different, the treatment “is personalized to your skin type in order to deep clean, smooth and hydrate.” Word to your whiskers: shave at least 2 hours prior to this treatment to maximize the benefits.


Joya Spa at Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia

The face is a window to the world. Or is it the eyes? The Onyx Men’s Facial targets the skincare needs of the former, “with close attention paid to ingrown hairs and uneven skin tone caused by sun damage, stress and travel” according to the spa menu. The treatment, available for 50 or 80 minutes, includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, face massage, a mask, moisturizing and all-important UV protection. “Guys are definitely surprised at what comes out of their skin,” says lead aesthetician Maggie Bassler. “They’re also surprised how relaxing a facial can be.”


Spa at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

Time waits for no man. Or his face, either. Hence, the Men’s Age Defying Facial. Described as the “ultimate anti-aging facial for men,” this 60-minute treatment is customized for instant results. As the spa menu states, “The hydrating facial is designed to decongest blocked pores by removing dead skin layers, while also using fast-acting products to calm redness, repair irritation caused by shaving and protect the skin from future damage.” Not that concerned about aging yet? Then try The Emperor’s Facial, which will balance the natural pH level of your skin and reduce inflammation.


Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale

Tired of golf balls not going exactly where you want them to? Then try the Golfer’s Massage here. This therapeutic treatment actually uses warmed golf balls (and stretching techniques) that put a direct hit on tight muscles and ease any golf-related stiffness. Or, if you are active in other sports, check out The Weekend Warrior full body massage, “which utilizes mountain arnica and sage to ease inflammation and soreness” according to the spa menu. Runners will especially enjoy detailed attention to  the legs via the application of a magnesium rich scrub to rev up circulation and restore some life to tired muscles.

Tom Mackin, a former Senior Editor at Golf Magazine, writes for local, regional and national golf publications across the U.S. The New Jersey native met his wife in Scottsdale and the two have lived here since 2013. See more on Instagram: @temackin