Spa Treatments Just for Men

By local contributor
Tom Mackin

Guys deserve some pampering too, don’t we? Scottsdale spas know that and have created customized treatments specifically for dudes. “Men are becoming more savvy to what benefits they can achieve through adding spa as part of a healthy lifestyle versus treating it as a luxury,” says Christy Waldron, manager at The Spa at Camelback Inn. “We offer more than beauty treatments; it’s stress release, pain relief and a mental break from real life.”


Well & Being Spa Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

It’s easy to forget about those things at the bottom of your legs until they ache, which means your feet likely need some love. That’s where the Men’s Fitness Pedicure comes in handy. Sit in a massage chair, soak your soles in a mini-whirlpool tub and get your toenails trimmed to perfection. This is followed by an exfoliation with a sugar scrub and a massage with magnesium lotion, both of which help enhance your epidermis. The treatment ends with some buffing and polishing to smooth out your nails.


We Do Men: The Man Spa

A sunburn (which is easy to accomplish in the warm Arizona sun) equals trauma for the skin. Stacey Grondahl, a.k.a. the “Boss Lady,” can efficiently sooth that sting in less than an hour. During the “Premature Quickie” treatment, she’ll neutralize the inflammation, massage in a whole slew of growth factors, and top it off with a layer of sunscreen that heals the skin while you’re sleeping. A free bonus is The Browtender – a grooming of the brows, nose and ears. “When it comes to skin, I don’t tell you what you want to hear, I tell you what you need to hear,” says Grondahl.


The Spa at Camelback Inn

Enter the Men's Zone, a much more comforting place than the Twilight Zone. This package starts with a 60-minute therapeutic massage designed to hit deep tissue spots and loosen up toxins in the muscles. The massage is followed with a 60-minute Adobe Clay Purification Wrap, which covers you in Sedona mud for simultaneous detoxification and moisturizing. While the clay does its magic, a therapist gives you a scalp massage/hair treatment. After the clay is removed via a Vichy Shower, juniper-sage soap seals in moisture and gets topped off with juniper sage body oil. All while you zone out.


The Phoenician Spa

You don’t have to be an athlete to have tight hips and shoulders. That’s why the 50-minute Clinical Sports Massage can help any stressed body. The treatment uses a myofascial release process that increases blood flow to constricted muscle areas. This isn’t a relaxing massage though – you’ll feel it. There’s stretching (wear loose fitting clothing), compression and range-of-motion techniques, so warm-up beforehand by using the hydrotherapy circuit in The Phoenician’s brand new, three-story spa.


Joya Spa at Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia

Your face is a window to the world. Or something like that. The Men’s Custom Facial is a 50-minute treatment that starts off with a device that emits high and low frequency sound waves used to clean the skin. Then comes a gentle exfoliation via a green papaya enzyme massage that dissolves dead skin cells and clears out follicles (goodbye ingrown hairs and razor burn!). That’s followed by a clay-based mask that lightens, brightens and tightens the skin. The final touch is a lightweight, hydrating moisturizer that does not leave the dreaded, greasy film. “Guys are definitely surprised at what comes out of their skin,” says lead aesthetician Tammy Remmers. “They’re also surprised how relaxing a facial can be.”