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The Car-Free Guide to Visiting Scottsdale

We get it – sometimes, you just don’t want to drive while you’re on vacation. Even when your destination is Scottsdale, which boasts ample freeways and well-maintained roads laid out in an easy-to-navigate grid.

Lucky for you, Old Town Scottsdale contains everything you need for a memorable vacation packed into one square mile of easily walkable neighborhoods filled with top-notch hotels, restaurants, shops, art galleries and attractions. Just check out Old Town by the numbers:

Yup, all this vacation goodness in one spectacular square mile! And if you don’t want to walk all of it, hop aboard a golf cart with JoyRidesAZ. These street-legal golf carts can be booked in advance for a single ride, or to take you on a tour of the best Old Town has to offer! 

Now, if you’re flying into town, you will have to get to Old Town from the airport. But not to worry – it’s an easy 15-minute trip easily accessible by Lyft, Uber or taxi.

So next time you visit Scottsdale, check into Old Town Scottsdale and enjoy the hassle-free, no-drive vacation of a lifetime.