Rebranded tourism bureau inspires visitors to embrace the desert

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Sept. 21, 2016) – The desert is hot. It’s desolate. It’s rough, dangerous and wild. And it’s exactly what Scottsdale visitors need right now. With its new brand and advertising campaign, Experience Scottsdale is telling travelers exactly why they must venture out to the Sonoran Desert.  

For nearly 30 years, Experience Scottsdale marketed Scottsdale to visitors from around the globe as the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. Today, the organization is launching its new brand, advertising campaign and corporate identity.

With the Effortless Revitalization brand, Experience Scottsdale aims to tell a story of both adventure and relaxation, highlighting the moments and emotions awaiting Scottsdale visitors of all ages. Scottsdale’s desert setting and stirring beauty offer travelers an indulgent getaway that promises relaxation, excitement and discovery. Escaping to Scottsdale leaves visitors feeling effortlessly revitalized.

Experience Scottsdale is kick-starting its brand with a new advertising campaign, Absolutely Scottsdale. Through print and digital advertisements and a television commercial, Experience Scottsdale will give audiences a sense of place, tap into the natural surroundings and aim to redefine perceptions of the Sonoran Desert.

“When people hear the term ‘desert,’ at times they imagine the dry Sahara,” said Experience Scottsdale Vice President of Marketing Caroline Stoeckel. “But that isn’t the Sonoran Desert. With our new messaging, we’re combatting that misconception by embracing our unique beauty. Our lush desert sets us apart. It makes us absolutely and positively Scottsdale.”

Experience Scottsdale spent 18 months researching and developing its new brand and corporate identity in partnership with Salt Lake City-based creative agency STRUCK.

“Remaining competitive and relevant in a changing travel market is vital,” said Experience Scottsdale President & CEO Rachel Sacco. “With the launch of our new brand and coinciding ad campaign, we are telling the destination’s story in a way that resonates and appeals to new visitors, yet engages our longtime admirers.”

STRUCK conducted extensive research and worked alongside Experience Scottsdale to establish a brand that best conveys Scottsdale’s energy and vibrancy. Research included consumer focus groups with previous and potential visitors. The research sought to better understand current brand awareness, as well as traveler motivations and perceptions.

Throughout the research phase, STRUCK and Experience Scottsdale discovered that Scottsdale’s ideal visitors desire to escape the stress of everyday life. This does not mean they seek only spa serenity or high-octane adventure, but a combination of both.

Consumer testing revealed that the final Absolutely Scottsdale campaign captured travelers’ interest in visiting Scottsdale. After seeing the ads, respondents found the destination to be an exciting and energizing place to visit.

For more information about the Experience Scottsdale brand, visit There, you’ll find research highlights, behind-the-scenes videos and photos, frequently asked questions and more.

About Experience Scottsdale:
Experience Scottsdale is responsible for establishing Scottsdale as a year-round, luxury travel destination to leisure visitors, meeting planners, travel professionals, and the media.