Effortless Revitalization

Experience Scottsdale Brand


In 2016, Experience Scottsdale revitalized our promotions by launching a new destination brand that better spoke to current and future travelers. During Experience Scottsdale’s 30+ years of existence, travelers have changed. Over time, their needs and wants in destinations have shifted.

With this in mind, we sought to create a brand that would be ownable, authentic, energetic, approachable, unexpected and diverse. A brand that would raise awareness, tap into key audience motivators, and attract a broader audience.

To accomplish this, we uncovered consumer perceptions of Scottsdale and refined strategy. After months of research and testing, we identified Scottsdale’s authentic story.

Here in Scottsdale, our unique story is about how much better we make our visitors feel when they’re here. It’s a story of both excitement and relaxation; a story of discovering something unexpected in our stirring beauty and desert experience; a story of Effortless Revitalization.

We’re sharing part of this story through our Absolutely Scottsdale advertising campaign. This campaign redefines perceptions of the desert. Our desert is absolutely hot, rough and wild – both literally and figuratively. And that’s why we love it.

We hope you find your own Effortless Revitalization in Scottsdale!

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Rachel Sacco
President & CEO
Experience Scottsdale


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Kate Birchler
Board Chair
Experience Scottsdale