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Golf Fitness Classes in Scottsdale

You’d like to hit the ball farther, right? Maybe feeling a little less post-round soreness would be nice, too. Well, you’re going to have to increase your flexibility and strength before either of those goals can be realized. Sign up for one of the following golf fitness classes to get you, and your golf game, in better shape!


LPGA Teaching Professional and Certified Fitness Trainer Nicole Cavarra offers GOLF Fit sessions focusing on muscle sequencing and functional motion performed in the golf swing and also uses fitness to accelerate golfers’ learning curves both on the mental understanding of what should happen in a golf swing and the physical execution. Fellow LPGA Teaching Professional and Certified Fitness Trainer Judith Rohr leads Golf Stretch & Conditioning sessions, Golf Yoga classes, and even Water Resistance Training in the heated water of the Watsu pool to allow for a greater range of motion.



Move better, play better. That principle guides Andrew Hannon, leader of the golf performance class for the past six years at Premier Fitness Systems in North Scottsdale. “Everyone swings the golf club differently and everyone moves differently, so we cater to each person’s needs and body type,” said Hannon, one of the 50 Best Golf Fitness Trainers in America per Golf Digest. “We re-teach people how to move and establish a physical foundation. Improving strength and endurance is important, but we don’t want to skip any steps before they can move properly. We’re just trying to keep people injury-free and out on the course.”



Despite the class name of Yoga for Golfers, this is not specifically a yoga class. “This is a golf performance class based in golf biomechanics,” said founder Katherine Roberts, who started the program in 1990 and now has certified instructors in 40 countries. “We work on improving mobility and stability to generate balance, power and endurance, with an emphasis on increasing focus and proper breathing.” She leads outdoor classes at Troon North Golf Club on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from October through April. She also offers online coaching for clients around the world, including movement assessments and training protocols based on both physical and golf goals. “People want to play pain free,” said Roberts. “That goal can be achieved rather quickly, but adherence over duration is the key.”


Tom Mackin, a former Senior Editor at Golf Magazine, writes for local, regional and national golf publications across the U.S. The New Jersey native met his wife in Scottsdale and the two have lived here since 2013. See more on Instagram: @temackin