Thanks to our perpetually sunny skies, golf is a year-round gig in Scottsdale. But that’s not to say that some weeks aren’t more stellar than others. This January, we’ll be teeing up more on- and off-course fun than any golfer should (legally) have during Scottsdale Golf Week.

You’ll score big with special offers from our top courses, resort stay-and-play packages, and discounts on everything from fine dining to rugged desert adventures. Add in Scottsdale’s warm winter weather and it’s a gimme – this is a week of fun in the sun you won’t want to miss!

Tee Up for Golf & Fun

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Best courses for experienced golfers

Looking to test your skills on some of the toughest tracks in town? Well then, the greater Scottsdale area is more than ready for you with its extensive menu of challenging layouts. Read more to discover five courses that will quickly reveal just how good your game is. Read More >>


Beauties and the Beasts

Golf course architects have a tough job. Build too many short holes and better players ignore your effort. Create too many tough holes, and the average golfer will avoid the course. Luckily, golfers coming to Scottsdale can see examples of both on multiple courses. Read More >>

Best courses for beginners

Learning any sport can be humbling, frustrating and haltingly enjoyable. And then there's golf, where you can experience all of those emotions on your first hole! Picking the right courses is critical for beginners. Read on to discover four courses where even beginners will be able to enjoy themselves. Read More >>

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